Wireless Technology

Complete wireless solutions


netRelevance’s wireless network services include:

  • Preliminary Coverage Site Survey and Design
  • Authentication and Security Design
  • Integration Services
  • Access Point Installation and Cabling
  • Wireless Point-to-Point Bridge Installation
  • Access Point, Switch and Security Device Configurations
  • Wireless Coverage Optimization
  • Wireless Client Device Configuration

Wireless Site Surveys

Pre-Installation Wireless Survey – When designing a WLAN a pre-installation survey is the most accurate method.  This type of survey is conducted on-site by a wireless engineer collecting coverage measurements from a test Access Point throughout the actual environment. 

Predictive Wireless Survey – A predictive survey is performed using specialized software to model potential RF coverage to help determine Access Point placements. This survey is not as accurate as a pre-installation site survey and is typically performed when the environment has not yet been built to help obtain budgetary numbers for WLAN hardware and deployment. 

Validation Wireless Survey – A validation survey is conducted on-site and measures the RF coverage of a wireless network to ensure that it meets the minimum signal strength for desired coverage type.  This type of survey is typically done right after a new WLAN deployment or in order to assess an existing WLAN network.



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