Moves Adds and Changes

Moves Adds Changes

MAC is just an industry acronym for:  Moves, adds and changes.  MACs are probably the most common service requests required by businesses. From adding a new workstation to relocating a server room, and everything in between, these tasks are regularly performed to keep equipment up-to-date and aligned with your growing business.

Congratulations, your business is growing! Sometimes moving and adding staff around an office can be costly and disruptive, which affects the bottom line! We facilitate quick and efficient deployment to keep your workflow moving.

Although MAC work is typically small, it is very important.

These changes can include:

  • Small configuration changes
  • Add, move or remove workstations, kiosks or digital displays
  • Moving or adding wireless access points
  • Changing routers and switches
  • Add or expand network cabinets
  • Entire system relocations, moving to a new location


Our full range of services are conducted from the Entrance Facility to the Work Station and everything in between.
Contact a netRelevance professional to help you with your moves, adds and changes.


“MACs are probably the most common service requests required by businesses.”