“Come visit us at booth 635 for some free giveaways and a chance to win a Ring Doorbell.”

CWCB Los Angeles

CWCBExpo is taking place 9/25 – 9/28 at the  LA  Convention Center! REGISTER HERE and Use PROMO CODE “LAEXPO19” for 20% off a 3-Day Super Saver Pass – and experience



Conversations over 15 feet away will fade into the background, making it easier for employees to concentrate..”

Sound Masking

We are pleased to announce that we are now a certified partner in sound masking with Cambridge Sound Management.

Sound masking technology makes workplaces more comfortable, private, and productive. But what exactly is sound masking? And how is it deployed in the workplace?


Digital Signage meets Loss Prevention.

Clinton Electronics recently launched a website specifically for the newly released Connect PVM offerings.
It’s both an active theft deterrent and digital signage platform seamlessly integrated into a single device.

They’ve created an entirely new solution that bridges the gap between marketing and loss prevention. This device has the unique ability to have a positive impact on a retailer’s bottom line by both reducing loss due to theft and increasing product awareness.

We are excited to offer this new technology to all of our clients. Please contact us for additional information.

“It’s both digital signage and an active theft deterrent seamlessly integrated into a single device. By creating a new, unified hardware and software platform, they have created an entirely new product category that bridges the gap between marketing and loss prevention.”